Human Resources

A young business woman shaking hands with a co-worker surrounded by others

Behavioral Based Interviewing for Interviewers

We will teach you how to prepare quality behavioral questions to illicit the responses you require to make good hiring decisions. You will practice behavioral interview techniques, evaluate responses based on competencies, and learn how to select the very best candidates for the job.

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Shot of a creative team using a digital tablet together during a meeting at work

Bystander Intervention

In this interactive course, we will teach you how to identify potential harassment, recognize when intervention is appropriate, and strategies for active bystander intervention.

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Corporate portrait of a multigenerational working team with multiracial and disabled members - Group photo of colleagues standing in the office in co-working space - business lifestyle concept.

Creating a Gender Inclusive Workplace

This course emphasizes the importance of gender inclusion in today’s workplace. We will help you understand laws and policies surrounding gender equality and the advantages that a diverse workforce offers.

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