Interpersonal Communication

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Advanced Writing Skills

Through this in-depth 2-day course, we will teach you how to convey strategies and ideas accurately and concisely. You will learn how to write letters, reports, and other business documents with clarity, style, and polish.

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Assertiveness Skills at Work

We will teach you proven skillsets to better cooperation and teamwork, strengthen leadership skills, deal with conflict, communicate transparently, and improve negotiation and problem-solving skills. You will learn to communicate more assertively, both in the workplace and in other social environments.

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Behavioral-Based Interviewing for Candidates

We will teach you how to prepare for the interview and provide in-depth responses to the most common behavioral questions. You will practice your delivery in multiple mock interviews and learn how to leave a lasting impression.

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Collaboration Skills at Work

In this introductory course, we will teach you a collaborative style that works by influencing others through trust, communication, mutual respect, and by setting a shared vision.

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Effective Listening

In this engaging 1-day course, you learn how to improve your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate. You’ll learn how to avoid conflict and misunderstandings and identify the true meaning behind the message.

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Inclusive Intelligence

We will teach you how to build habits that are fair, open, cooperative, supportive, and empowering. You will learn essential skills for building a foundation for organizational and personal Inclusive Intelligence.

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Intercultural Communication

We will teach you the fundamentals of cross-cultural communication and help you improve your own intercultural competence. You will apply proven strategies and practical techniques for communicating successfully with people across diverse cultural backgrounds.

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