Advanced Writing Skills

Formats: 8-hour virtual course  |  2-day instructor-led onsite

Business writing skills are critical no matter what your profession may be. Through this in-depth 2-day course, we will teach you how to convey strategies and ideas accurately and concisely. You will learn how to write letters, reports, and other business documents with clarity, style, and polish. You will improve storytelling and persuasion and adapt your written communications for complex and challenging professional situations.

Learning Objectives »

  • Effectively plan documents and process information.
  • Write with accuracy and clarity.
  • Learn proven techniques for polishing your words.
  • Identify and utilize proper style and tone.
  • Write with credibility and impact.
  • Revise for ultimate professionalism.

Course Agenda »

Approach (Plan & Process)

  1. Set the Scope
  2. Factors That Help Determine Scope
  3. Business Writing Strategy
  4. Message and Purpose
  5. Exploring Purpose
  6. Audience Analysis
  7. Desired Results

Content (Clarity & Polish)

  1. Content
  2. Know Your Topic
  3. Speak It and Storm It
  4. Mind Mapping
  5. Writing Checklist
  6. Indirect vs Direct Approach
  7. Shape It
  8. Characteristics of Memory
  9. Opening, Closing, and Repetition

Style (Tone & Impact)

  1. Probable Readership and Compliance
  2. Transitional Words and Expressions
  3. Time and Tone
  4. Moving the Conversation Forward
  5. Linking Thoughts
  6. Persuasive Writing
  7. Styles and Preferences
  8. The Hamburger Technique

Revision (Credibility & Professionalism)

  1. Pointedness and Comprehension
  2. Conciseness and Professionalism
  3. Active vs. Passive Voice
  4. Powerful Verbs and Syntax
  5. Modifiers and Parallel Sentences
  6. Plain Language and Readability
  7. Salutations and Closings
  8. Proofreading and Revision