Build and Maintain Team Synergy

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Teamwork has become a necessity in virtually every industry. But how do you get your team to really click on all cylinders? This interactive program teaches your team to act as one while maintaining individual accomplishments. You’ll learn how to overcome any lack of cohesiveness, leadership, or positive attitude and how to maximize team efforts in working toward common goals.

Learning Objectives »

  • Build a team that works together and excels
  • Evaluate team needs
  • Establish team goals and objectives
  • Formulate team values
  • Communicate effectively with team members
  • Work with team diversity
  • Avoid and overcome team obstacles
  • Plan long-term performance goals

Course Agenda »

Foundations of Team Building

  1. Defining Team
  2. Are You a Team Player?
  3. Phases of Team Building
  4. Team Roles
  5. The Alphabet Game

Interpersonal Communication

  1. The Communication Model
  2. Nonverbal Communication
  3. Active Listening
  4. Assertive Communication

Maximizing Team Dynamics

  1. What Everyone Wants
  2. Style Differences
  3. Building a Diverse Team
  4. Commonality

Fine-tuning the Team

  1. Guidelines for Building Trust
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Effecting Change
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Roadblocks to Team Performance