Bystander Intervention

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

In this interactive course, we will teach you how to identify potential harassment, recognize when intervention is appropriate, and strategies for active bystander intervention. You will learn safe and effective techniques for intervening and how to overcome the challenges that often accompany an intervention.

Learning Objectives »

  • Define and discusses bystander intervention
  • Identify the barriers of intervention
  • Understand what to expect and examine an intervention model and strategies
  • Apply techniques for tracking action and the do’s and don’ts of successful intervention

Course Agenda »

Understanding Bystander Intervention

  1. Psychology Behind Barriers
  2. Intervention Goals
  3. Safety is Top Priority
  4. Preparing to Intervene
  5. Faulty Stereotypes
  6. What is Harassment?
  7. Micro-Aggression
  8. Bias
  9. Victim Blaming
  10. How We Create Faulty Stereotypes
  11. Avoiding Faulty Stereotypes

Intervention Strategies

  1. Strategies for Intervening
  2. Intervention Example
  3. Resolving Conflict
  4. The I Message
  5. 4 D’s of Bystander Intervention
  6. Sexual Harassment
  7. Moving From Inaction to Action
  8. Intervention Formula
  9. Intervention Examples
  10. Confronting the Harasser
  11. Setting the Expectation
  12. Approaching the Victim
  13. Do’s and Don’ts