Coaching the Coach: A 6-Month Engagement

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The Coaching the Coach leadership program explores advanced models used by successful coaches, using highly-effective competencies and methodologies for mastering the role of an outstanding coach. Through a series of group and individual coaching sessions, participants will apply extensive coaching skills through virtual learning and skill practice opportunities. The framework begins with a virtual overview of coaching, followed by 90 days of weekly or biweekly sessions, where participants will complete homework activities and required readings reinforced with deliberate facilitated skill practice and fieldwork.

Learning Objectives »

  • Apply advanced coaching competencies throughout an organization.
  • Understand how to master and elevate the coaching mindset and skillset.
  • Learn how to build trust and advance the coaching relationship through virtual coaching.
  • Establish mutual respect and trust in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Instill coaching ethics and standards appropriately in all coaching situations.
  • Apply advanced communication tools and use of effective dialogue techniques.
  • Use Appreciative Inquiry for managing organizational change.
  • Design action plans and opportunities for ongoing learning.
  • Maintain advanced coaching plans and manage ongoing progress.
  • Encourage accountability and celebrate successes on all levels.

Course Agenda »


  1. Overview
  2. Using Assessments in Coaching
  3. Executive Communication
  4. Coaching Ethics and Business Acumen
  5. Advancing Inclusion and Respect
  6. Coaching with Emotional Intelligence
  7. Building Resiliency Through Leadership
  8. Leading Change with Appreciative Inquiry
  9. Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  10. Performance Management
  11. Executive Coaching
  12. Coaching Competency and Feedback