Creating and Leading an Inclusive Team

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

This interactive course raises awareness from a leadership perspective of how perceptions, beliefs and values impact workplace interactions, relationships, and performance. You will learn how to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and how to build a respectful and inclusive team that functions at a high level.

Learning Objectives »

  • Understand the challenges for Inclusion.
  • Promote inclusiveness as a positive behavior.
  • Encourage diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Develop a focus on behavior, attitudes and values.
  • Breakdown stereotypes and overcome bias.
  • Resolve conflict and build trust.
  • Develop a code of conduct for employee behavior.

Course Agenda »

Challenges for Inclusion

  1. What is Harassment?
  2. Stereotypes and Prejudice
  3. Conscious and Unconscious Bias
  4. Perception and Bias
  5. Micro-Aggression
  6. Victim Blaming
  7. Bullying
  8. EEO Laws

Promoting Inclusion

  1. Cycle of Synergy
  2. Diversity
  3. Equal Opportunity vs. Mutual Respect
  4. Inclusion
  5. Equity
  6. Ladder of Inference
  7. Breaking Down Stereotypes
  8. Overcoming Unconscious Bias
  9. Cultural Differences
  10. Appreciating Common Heritage
  11. Gender Diversity
  12. Generational Diversity
  13. Disability Diversity
  14. The Drawbridge

Fostering Long-Term Respect

  1. Self-Image
  2. Your Role in Enhancing DEI
  3. Holding Yourself Accountable
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Building Positive Relationships
  6. Building and Maintaining Trust
  7. Code of Conduct