Critical Thinking: The Basics and Beyond

Formats: 8-hour virtual course  |  2-day instructor-led onsite

During this intense 2-day program, we will go beyond the basics of critical thinking and decision-making. We will teach you how to apply logic and reasoning to enhance work processes and improve decision making. And then, we delve deeper into cognitive and lateral processes of critical decision-making.

Learning Objectives »

  • Complete a self-assessment.
  • Apply higher levels of thought.
  • Identify, construct and evaluate arguments.
  • Detect inconsistencies and mistakes in reasoning.
  • Create a broader range of solutions.
  • Logically breakdown and solve problems.
  • Better anticipate the impacts of decisions.
  • Apply ongoing analysis.

Course Agenda »

The Discipline of Critical Thinking

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. The Broad Brush of Thinking
  3. Elements of Critical Thinking
  4. Origins of Critical Thinking
  5. Bloom’s Taxonomy
  6. Critical Thinking in Business
  7. Keys to Critical Thinking
  8. Dispositions Toward Critical Thinking


  1. Evaluating Arguments
  2. Statements and Arguments
  3. Types of Arguments
  4. Fallacies
  5. Elements of Reasoning

Evaluating and Analyzing

  1. Evaluative Questions
  2. Seeing the Big Picture
  3. Big Picture Guidelines
  4. Universal Intellectual Standards

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

  1. Problem Solving Defined
  2. Decision-Making Defined
  3. Drawing Conclusions
  4. Elements of Decision-Making
  5. Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  6. Cognitive Problem Solving
  7. Lateral Thinking
  8. Rules of Brainstorming
  9. What is Decision-Making?
  10. Six Thinking Hats
  11. Ongoing Analysis