Legal Aspects of EEO

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

This course provides employees across the board with knowledge of Federal laws, policies and procedures for corporate and government organizations. You will learn the regulations and processes applicable to Equal Employment Opportunity and governed by the EEOC. We will help you understand the grievance and appeal processes and how to discourage discrimination completely.

Learning Objectives »

  • Understand EEO laws and the EEOC
  • Define discrimination
  • Examine EEO Complaint Process and regulations that apply to employee human resource issues
  • Review the principles of major grievances and appeal options as well the documentation procedures
  • Identify your role in enforcing the laws
  • Learn the process for investigating complaints
  • Develop action plans for preventing illegal workplace discrimination and harassment

Course Agenda »

EEO and Discrimination

  1. EEO Laws
  2. EEOC
  3. Federal vs. State EEO Laws
  4. Discriminatory Practices
  5. Age Discrimination
  6. Disability Discrimination
  7. Equal Pay and Compensation
  8. Genetic Information Discrimination
  9. National Origin Discrimination
  10. Race and Color Discrimination
  11. Religious Discrimination
  12. Sex Discrimination
  13. Pregnancy Discrimination
  14. Sexual Harassment
  15. Retaliation
  16. Review

EEO Considerations

  1. Hiring Practices
  2. Protecting Against Discrimination
  3. Enforcing the Laws
  4. EEOC Compliance
  5. Review
  6. Action Planning