Five Exceptional Traits Learning and Development Trainers Exhibit

A corporate trainer utilizes these must-have L&D skills.

At Performance Training Resources (PTR), we leverage the expertise and experience of our thought leaders, subject matter experts, and trainers to provide exceptional training concepts, practices, and in-demand industry skills to professionals in the workplace nationwide.

A skilled trainer can create an in-person or virtual environment that maximizes the learning styles and captures the audience’s attention—they should possess several critical skills when presenting new information.


Engagement is a key factor, and trainers who incorporate breakout sessions such as whiteboard exercises, games, survey questions, or roleplay can increase the participants’ focus and motivation, leading to higher levels of critical thinking.


Empathy is another essential attribute that allows trainers to understand their learners’ perspectives, creating a more supportive and positive learning environment, especially when students struggle to understand a concept.


Effective trainers should also be flexible and capable of modifying their training approach, pacing, and content to suit different learners’ needs and learning styles based on feedback received.


A genuinely skilled corporate trainer possesses the patience, awareness, and emotional intelligence to address specific issues, questions, or needs relevant to the topic.


Finally, creativity is essential, and a good trainer can draw inspiration and create relatable concepts and experiences that students can apply to their everyday work life.

These skills are all necessary to ensure a successful training program that delivers measurable results and meets the business objectives required by the employer.


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