Budgeting and Financial Management

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Your approach may be effective, and your ideas may be visionary—but your results are always measured in numbers. With this high-powered course, you will gain the finance and budgeting savvy to plan accurate budgets, work with financial statements and spot potential problems.

Learning Objectives »

  • Overview basic financial management concepts
  • Apply methods that Fortune 500 companies use
  • Learn and work with different budget types
  • Read and develop financial statements
  • Learn the basics of budget management
  • Plan long-term budget and financial goals

Course Agenda »

Financial Management Overview

  1. Foundations of Financial Management
  2. 8 Steps to Forecasting
  3. Sound Budgeting Principles
  4. Financial Management Pitfalls

Budgeting Overview

  1. What is a Budget?
  2. Master Budgets
  3. Step-by-Step Budget Types
  4. Creating New Budgets
  5. Other Budget Options
  6. Cash Flow Budget / Cash Budget
  7. Salary / Cash Budget

Financial Statements

  1. The Financial Atlas
  2. Financial Ratio Analysis
  3. Financial Statement for RJR/Nabisco
  4. Capital Expenditures and Capital Budgets
  5. Lease vs. Purchase of Capital Expenditures
  6. Depreciation

Budget Approval and Management

  1. Expense Management
  2. Expense Ratio Analysis
  3. Budget Management and Approval
  4. Controlling the Budget
  5. Using the Budget to Get More