Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Individuals, who are not “emotionally smart” waste time on worry, stress, conflict, self-control, and sometimes undermine their own happiness and success. This course will help you learn how to build better interpersonal skills, manage reactions, raise your level of emotional intelligence, and gain greater success in working with individuals and teams.

Learning Objectives »

  • Develop a working knowledge of emotional intelligence
  • Examine the fifteen EQ competencies
  • Learn how to manage emotions
  • Apply EQ competencies and strategies
  • Use emotional intelligence to develop interpersonal expertise

Course Agenda »

What is Emotional Intelligence?

  1. EI Self-Assessment
  2. Defining Emotional Intelligence
  3. The Nature of Emotional Intelligence
  4. EQ’s Positive Impact on Business
  5. Benefits of EQ

Emotional Intelligence Skills

  1. EQ Skills
  2. Managing Stress
  3. Managing Your Emotions
  4. Nonverbal Communication
  5. Using Humor
  6. Resolving Conflict

Applying Emotional Intelligence

  1. Advisors
  2. The STEP Model
  3. EQ Competencies
  4. EQ Strategies
  5. Motivating Yourself
  6. Developing Interpersonal Expertise
  7. The Roots of Empathy
  8. Helping Others Help Themselves
  9. Curriculum for Emotional Wisdom