Intercultural Communication

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

At a time of globalization and increasing cross-cultural contacts, intercultural competence is an essential skill for today’s workforce. We will teach you the fundamentals of cross-cultural communication and help you improve your own intercultural competence. You will apply proven strategies and practical techniques for communicating successfully with people across diverse cultural backgrounds.

Learning Objectives »

  • Define intercultural communication.
  • Identify the benefits of intercultural skills.
  • Discuss what can hinder intercultural
  • Develop cultural values.
  • Communicate in different cultures.
  • Implement strategies to improve intercultural
    communication skills.

Course Agenda »

Defining Intercultural Communication

  1. Definitions of Culture
  2. Characteristics of Culture
  3. The Cultural Iceberg
  4. Intercultural Competence
  5. Intercultural Communication Benefits
  6. Intercultural Communication Obstacles
  7. Cultural Diversity
  8. The Culture Clash
  9. Culture Shock
  10. Stereotypes and Prejudices

Cultural Values and Communication

  1. Intercultural Assessment
  2. Non-verbal Behaviors
  3. Verbal Behaviors
  4. Value Dimensions
  5. Cultural Clusters
  6. Improving Cultural Communication
  7. Actions and Attitudes
  8. Action Plan