Leading Hybrid Teams

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Live and remote meetings. In-person and video conferences. Office and teleworking. Virtual Business is now a hybrid of live and virtual teams working in an office atmosphere and over broadband. So how are managers and supervisors supposed to adapt? We will teach you how to effectively build and lead teams in both environments separately and combined. Your team can and will flourish whether they are down the hall or across town.

Learning Objectives »

  • Lead a team that works together and excels.
  • Identify advantages to live and virtual teams.
  • Review the phases of team growth and apply them.
  • Understand the dynamics of leading a hybrid team.
  • Formulate team values.
  • Apply best practices for building trust.
  • Overcome common obstacles.
  • Plan long-term performance goals.

Course Agenda »

Hybrid Team Fundamentals

  1. Defining Team
  2. Are You a Team Player?
  3. Phases of Team Building
  4. Live Teams
  5. Virtual and Remote Teams
  6. Team Roles
  7. Characteristics of High-Performance
  8. Virtual Communication
  9. Success Habits for Teams

Maximizing Hybrid Team Dynamics

  1. Barriers to Team Performance
  2. What Everyone Wants
  3. Independence Level
  4. Applying the Right Leadership Role
  5. Hybrid Team Values
  6. Mission Statements
  7. Developing a Team Mission
  8. Authentic Communication
  9. Giving Feedback
  10. Commonality
  11. Guidelines for Building Trust
  12. Leading Hybrid Meetings
  13. Effecting Change
  14. Conflict Resolution
  15. Roadblocks to Team Performance
  16. Code of Conduct