Relationship Management

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

This program builds relationship skills that will help you communicate, respond to conflict, handle difficult situations, solve problems, and relate to clients and coworkers and to help conquer office politics. We will introduce tools and insights for applying creative thinking at work and develop a more creative organization.

Learning Objectives »

  • Develop a positive self-awareness
  • Apply strategies for managing relationships
  • Utilize proven communication techniques for maintaining rapport
  • Empathize and listen and like a pro
  • Overcome challenges of professional relationships

Course Agenda »

It Starts With You

  1. Take Ownership
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Raise Your Emotional Intelligence
  4. The Ladder of Inference

Relationship Strategies

  1. Building Trust
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. The “4-Minute Factor
  4. Building Rapport
  5. Acknowledgement
  6. Empathy
  7. Deliberate Listening
  8. Meta-Programs
  9. The Power of Reassurance
  10. Praise and Recognition

Managing Health and Wellness

  1. Solving Problems
  2. The ART of Confrontation
  3. Focusing on Positive Behavior