Boosting Resilience in the Workplace Series

Formats: 12-hour virtual course  |  3-day instructor-led onsite

This 3-day resiliency series teaches you how to raise your level of resilience for the day-to-day challenges you face in the workplace. You will learn how to tackle the challenges of change and stress, how to build up your wellness, and how to balance work and life responsibilities.

Learning Objectives »

  • Utilize skills to cope with adversity.
  • Identify the stages of resilience and apply the Resilience Model.
  • Apply techniques for effectively managing change.
  • Adapt to change and become a Change Agent.
  • Identify the stages of stress and anxiety.
  • Develop new habits to reduce stress and anxiety.

Course Agenda »

Building Resiliency

  1. What is Resilience?
  2. Elements of Resilience
  3. Resilient People
  4. Domains of Resilience
  5. Resilience Model
  6. Phases of Resilience
  7. Resilience Starts with You
  8. Johari Window
  9. Improving Resilience
  10. Building Long-Term Resiliency

Change and Ambiguity

  1. The Nature of Change
  2. Drivers for Change
  3. Types of Change
  4. Responses
  5. Change Management Models
  6. The 3 C’s for Effective Change
  7. The Morale Curve
  8. Human Nature
  9. Change Agent
  10. Dealing with Ambiguity
  11. Your Role in the Change Process
  12. Techniques for Managing Change
  13. Implementation Strategy
  14. Transitions Into Change
  15. Managing Individual Change
  16. Managing Organizational Change
  17. Resistance to Change
  18. Maintaining Enthusiasm

Stress and Anxiety

  1. What is Stress?
  2. Types of Stress
  3. Factors that Influence Stress
  4. Stages of Stress and Anxiety
  5. Solving Problems
  6. Difficult People
  7. Extreme Anxiety
  8. Personal Needs/Emotional Issues
  9. Defusing Anger and Hostility
  10. Mastering Self-Control
  11. Handling Stress and Anxiety
  12. Active Relaxation
  13. Managing Your Energy
  14. Starting Your Day Right
  15. Eating Healthy
  16. Stress-Less Lifestyle
  17. Self-Compassion
  18. Maintaining a Positive Attitude