Business Communication Series

Formats: 12-hour virtual course  |  3-day instructor-led onsite

This 3-day course encompasses important interpersonal communication skills needed for developing professional rapport with customers and coworkers. You will learn effective techniques to build relationships, overcome communication challenges, manage conflict and defuse tense situations for improved cooperation, productivity and job satisfaction.

Learning Objectives »

  • Build trust and reduce conflict.
  • Be a team player that works together and excels.
  • Apply techniques for delivering praise to directing change.
  • Effectively prepare for difficult conversations.
  • Understand differences in others and how to respond.

Course Agenda »

Effective Communication

  1. Understanding Communication
  2. Communication Model
  3. Listening and Nonverbal Skills
  4. Communication Styles
  5. Developing Positive Relationships
  6. Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

Building Rapport

  1. The Cycle of Synergy
  2. Perception Check
  3. Building Trust and Enthusiasm
  4. The Power of Reassurance
  5. Acknowledgement and Empathy
  6. Praise and Recognition

Relationship Management

  1. Taking Ownership
  2. Meta-Programs
  3. The Ladder of Inference
  4. Raising Your Emotional Intelligence
  5. Behavioral Style Differences
  6. Code of Conduct

Communication Challenges

  1. Influencing Others
  2. Authentic Communication
  3. Cooperative Communication
  4. Non-Threatening, Non-Anxious Questions
  5. Positive and Redirective Feedback
  6. Directional Dialogue

Difficult Conversations

  1. The Missing Conversation
  2. The “Feelings” Conversation
  3. The “What Happened” Conversation
  4. The “Identity” Conversation
  5. The “What’s Next” Conversation
  6. The Third Story

Conflict Resolution

  1. Behavior Patterns of Conflict
  2. Adapting to Conflict Styles
  3. Communicating During Conflict
  4. Dealing With Difficult People
  5. Managing Emotions
  6. The Resolution Formula