Google Cloud: G Suite Administrator

Formats: 12-hour virtual course  | 3-day instructor-led onsite

As the administrator of a G Suite domain, you can control the accounts, resources, and apps from a web browser interface. All of your administrative tasks can be accessed from a specialized page, or console, of dashboard controls. From this console, you can perform all the necessary duties of a domain administrator without having to worry about keeping the physical hardware up and running. In this course, you will learn about creating and managing a G Suite domain.

Learning Objectives »

  • Navigate the G Suite Admin console.
  • Create and manage user accounts.
  • Use organizational units to manage your G Suite environment.
  • Configure and implement Drive storage settings and policies.
  • Manage mail delivery, routing, and filtering.
  • Create groups to share mailboxes and documents, and manage permissions and roles.
  • Set up and manage calendar sharing and calendar resources.
  • Manage the mobile devices that access your system.
  • Use reporting tools to manage usage and security, and to troubleshoot system issues.
  • Configure security and authentication policies and methods.

Course Agenda »

Getting Started with G Suite Administration

  1. Create a G Suite Account
  2. Navigate the Admin Console

Managing User Accounts

  1. Create and Modify User Accounts
  2. Use System Roles to Delegate Duties to Users
  3. Remove and Restore User Accounts
  4. Manage User Passwords

Using Organizational Units

  1. Create Organizational Units
  2. Manage G Suite Services with Organizational Units

Configuring Drive Storage and Sharing

  1. Configure Drive Storage Settings
  2. Configure Drive Sharing

Managing Mail Routing, Delivery, & Fitting

  1. Configure Mail Routing and Delivery
  2. Manage Blacklists and Whitelists
  3. Filter Messages Based on Compliance Settings
  4. Migrate to G Suite Mail

Working with Google Groups

  1. Create and Modify Groups
  2. Manage Group Security
  3. Share Content Using Groups
  4. Use a Collaborative Inbox

Administering Calendars and Resources

  1. Create and Share a Group Calendar
  2. Delegate Calendar Access
  3. Create and Manage Calendar Resources

Configuring and Securing Mobile Devices

  1. Set Up Google Mobile Management
  2. Secure Mobile Devices

Using Reporting Tools

  1. Use Admin Console Reports
  2. Use Audit Logs
  3. Troubleshoot Mail Issues
  4. Managing Domain Security

Managing Domain Security and Authorization

  1. Manage G Suite Domain Security
  2. Configure 2-Step Verification