Managing Staff Absences

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Absenteeism, when not properly managed, can have a negative impact on a company, and it can be a symptom of something wrong in the relationship between an employer and its employees. We will teach you how to tackle the causes of absenteeism at its roots and how to prevent absenteeism in the first place, rather than just tackle absences as they happen. You will learn strategies to deal with absenteeism, and presenteeism, in your workplace, and how to develop a well-thought-out sickness absence policy.

Learning Objectives »

  • Identify what absenteeism is and its causes.
  • Understand presenteeism.
  • Explore presenteeism vs. absenteeism.
  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Apply best practice to deal with absenteeism.
  • Evaluate ways to measure absence.
  • Identify elements of a sickness absence policy.

Course Agenda »

What is Absenteeism?

  1. Defining Absenteeism
  2. Reasons for Absenteeism
  3. Areas of Influence
  4. Effects of Absenteeism
  5. Types of Absences

Understanding Presenteeism

  1. Defining Presenteeism
  2. Causes of Presenteeism
  3. Benefits and Risks of Presenteeism
  4. Absenteeism / Presenteeism Link
  5. Positive vs Negative Presenteeism
  6. Assessing if Employees Can Come to Work
  7. When Is It Appropriate to Work if Sick?

Reducing Absenteeism/Presenteeism

  1. Physical Work Environment
  2. Psychological Work Environment
  3. Work-life Balance
  4. Healthy Living
  5. Clear Absence Policy
  6. Additional Ideas

Measuring Absence

  1. What Can an Employer Do?
  2. The Bradford Factor
  3. Assessing Each Case

The Sickness Absence Policy

  1. Policy Elements
  2. Common Features