Managing Up from the Middle

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

“Managing up” means focusing on the relationship with your boss to obtain the best results for your organization. When you are a middle manager, this means managing up, down, and sideways all at the same time. This interactive class will teach you how to better communicate, collaborate, assist, and coach your boss, even at senior levels. You will learn how to work with your boss to make better decisions for your staff and your organization.

Learning Objectives »

  • Understand what it means to manage up.
  • Use leadership communication to build relationships.
  • Identify “need” moments.
  • Handle difficult bosses and situations.
  • Resolve potential conflict and confrontation.
  • Build trust and rapport with upper management.

Course Agenda »

How to Manage Up from the Middle

  1. Mental Health and Emotions
  2. Mental Health Continuum
  3. Myths About Mental Health
  4. Mental Wellbeing and Diagnosis
  5. Symptoms of Mental Health Problems
  6. Symptoms of Mental Distress
  7. Types of Mental Distress

Communication Strategies

  1. Primary Goal of Communication
  2. Purposes of Leadership Communication
  3. Communication Model
  4. Reducing the Noise
  5. Critical Listening
  6. Body Language
  7. Communicating Up
  8. The Feedback Formula
  9. Corrective Feedback

Interpersonal Challenges

  1. Saying “No”
  2. Overcoming the “Personality Problem”
  3. Understanding Behavior
  4. The Betari Box
  5. Handling Difficult People
  6. De-escalating Conflict
  7. Cooperative Communication

Getting the Job Done

  1. Resilience
  2. Negotiation Styles
  3. Rules for Give and Take
  4. Solving Problems
  5. Working with Multiple Bosses
  6. Rules to Remember