Accountable Leadership

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Managers who understand and embrace leadership accountabilities are key to a company’s success. This powerful program lays the foundation for a new mindset of managerial responsibilities and behaviors. You will learn proven techniques for decision-making, managing change, empowerment, delegation, motivation, coaching, and feedback. Through accountable leadership, you will influence others to accomplish your goals as if the goals were their own.

Learning Objectives »

  • Accept personal accountability and influence others
  • Communicate high expectations
  • Lead by example
  • Make decisions with confidence, without hesitation
  • Apply higher levels of thought
  • Create a formula for following up – at all levels
  • Anticipate the impacts of actions and non-actions
  • Avoid common barriers in multicultural business
  • Successfully evaluate business practices
  • Embrace change as a tool for success

Course Agenda »

Elements of Leadership

  1. The Role of Power
  2. Managing vs. Leading
  3. Self Regulation
  4. Cognitive Thinking Skills

Fundamental Leadership

  1. Communication Model
  2. Assigning Proper Job Responsibilities
  3. Delegating
  4. Over-commitment
  5. Under-promise, Over-deliver

Influencing Others

  1. Types of Influence
  2. Methods of Influence
  3. Common Mistakes
  4. Persuasion Tactics
  5. World Wide Accountability

Lasting Performance

  1. Communicating High Expectations
  2. Building Trust
  3. Actions, Promises, Follow-Up Obligations
  4. Long-Term Performance