Building Trust at Work

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

These days, many companies want to know how to retain their existing staff, rather than spend time and money training new. This course teaches you how to build trust in the workplace. You will learn how to improve employee engagement, well-being, interpersonal skills, and relationship management, including how to make others feel valued and included.

Learning Objectives »

  • Define what trust is and recognize its importance.
  • Identify the elements of trust.
  • Apply trust-building strategies.
  • Set up an action plan to help you develop trust in the workplace after the training session.

Course Agenda »

What is Trust?

  1. Defining Trust
  2. Key Components
  3. Levels of Trust
  4. Effects of Broken or Lack of Trust
  5. Importance of Trust for Each Party

Elements of Trust

  1. What Makes a Person Trustworthy?
  2. Rational and Emotional Elements
  3. Introvert-Extrovert Gap

Trust-Building Strategies

  1. Trust Behaviors
  2. Rational Domain Strategies
  3. Emotional Domain Strategies
  4. Three-Pronged Approach
  5. Trust Communication
  6. Communication Domain Strategies
  7. Barriers to Trust in a Virtual Environment
  8. Loss of Trust in a Hybrid Team
  9. Virtual/Hybrid Trust Building Strategies

Trust Building Action Plan

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Creating Your Action Plan