Effective Mentoring Series

Formats: 32-hour virtual course  |  8-day instructor-led onsite

This intense 8-part series explores proven mentoring techniques used by successful coaches and executives. We will teach you critical factors from both the mentor’s and mentee’s perspective for building an effective mentor/mentee relationship.

Learning Objectives »

  • Identify elements of the mentoring relationship.
  • Set effective goals for mentors and mentees.
  • Apply accountable leadership techniques.
  • Overcome adversity and motivate mentees to action.
  • Maximize performance with effective coaching.
  • Utilize techniques for managing the hard talks.

Course Agenda »

  1. Accountable Leadership
  2. Leading Teams and Building Coalitions
  3. Commitment-Based Motivation
  4. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  5. Coaching for Maximum Performance
  6. High-Impact Mentoring
  7. Managing Difficult Conversations
  8. Building Resiliency Through Leadership