Email Writing, Etiquette, and Management

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Email is the most common form of written communication in business, and your email must be professionally written and managed in order to stay ahead. In this high-impact program, you will learn essential writing skills, e-mail etiquette, and email management and organizational skills.

Objectives »

  • Write crisp, clear, professional email.
  • Apply rules for writing and professionalism.
  • Identify your purpose in writing.
  • Use active voice and other email writing techniques.
  • Apply email and instant message etiquette.
  • Manage your email effectively.

Course Agenda »

Writing Email

  1. Identify Your Purpose
  2. Email Structure
  3. Common Mistakes
  4. Sentences and Paragraphs
  5. Wordiness
  6. Active Voice
  7. Strong Verbs
  8. Specific and Concrete Terms
  9. Properly Placed Modifiers
  10. Parallel Structure
  11. Word Usage
  12. Transitional Words and Expressions
  13. Improving Email

Email and IM Etiquette

  1. Email Etiquette
  2. Popular IM Tools
  3. IM Etiquette
  4. Professionalism

Email Management

  1. Managing Your Email
  2. The 4 D’s of Message Management
  3. Action Plan