Fundamental Leadership Series

Formats: 24-hour virtual course  |  6-day instructor-led onsite

Designed for new and emerging leaders, this 6-part leadership program teaches new supervisors the ins and outs of leading a successful team. Through interactive exercises and activities, we’ll teach you how to communicate with employees, motivate a team into action, and manage challenges such as conflict, organizational change, and performance issues. You’ll learn how to bring out the best in your employees and build a team primed for success.

Learning Objectives »

  • Apply leadership communication strategies.
  • Effectively lead teams and build team synergy.
  • Motivate employees and create an engaging environment.
  • Manage and resolve conflict professionally.
  • Apply proven coaching and counseling techniques.
  • Successfully lead change initiatives.

Course Agenda »

Leadership Communication

  1. Elements of Communication
  2. The Communication Model
  3. Effective Listening
  4. Body Language
  5. Cooperative Communication
  6. Giving Feedback

Leading Teams

  1. Phases of Team Building
  2. What’s Your Role?
  3. Establishing Team Values
  4. Guidelines for Building Trust
  5. Roadblocks to Team Performance

Employee Engagement

  1. Moving from Peer to Leader
  2. Managing vs. Leading
  3. Critical Characteristics of Leadership
  4. Building Rapport
  5. Motivating Employees
  6. Delegating Responsibilities
  7. Rewards and Incentives

Managing Conflict

  1. Sources of Conflict
  2. Conflict Styles
  3. Responding to Criticism
  4. Defusing Anger and Resolving Conflict
  5. Leading Difficult People

Coaching and Counseling

  1. Adapting to Employee Needs
  2. Leadership Roles
  3. Coaching Techniques
  4. Changing Behavior
  5. Fixing Performance Problems
  6. Counseling and Evaluation

Managing Change

  1. The Change Model
  2. Change Agents
  3. Techniques for Managing Change
  4. Implementation Strategy
  5. Transitions into Change
  6. Resistance to Change
  7. Capitalizing on New Opportunities