Human-Centered Leadership

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

Human-centered leadership (HCL) is putting people first, regarding their environment, social relationships, and state of mind. To do so, a leader must be aware of the situation at hand and be able to be decisive despite upcoming uncertainty. We will teach leaders how to be purpose driven, to promote collaboration. You will learn a collective approach for empathy, communication, and leadership agility.

Learning Objectives »

  • Understand HCL and why it is important.
  • Learn characteristics of human-centered leaders.
  • Apply leadership techniques to improve HCL.
  • Develop skills for empathy and collaboration.
  • Pivot to the needs of your team members.
  • Use Human-Centricity to build an inclusive team.
  • Use HCL in a hybrid work environment.

Course Agenda »

Understanding HCL

  1. What is Human-Centered Leadership (HCL)
  2. Resetting the Paradigm
  3. Why Organizations Need HCL
  4. Key Elements of HCL
  5. Traits of Human-Centered Leaders

Applying HCL

  1. Techniques for Getting Started
  2. Human-Centricity
  3. Autonomy and Alignment
  4. Constructive Empathy
  5. The Power of Collaboration
  6. Celebrating Creativity and Innovation
  7. Accepting and Learning from Mistakes
  8. Leadership Agility
  9. The Inclusive Human-Centered Leader
  10. HCL in a Hybrid Work Environment
  11. Mastering HCL