World Class Customer Service

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

High quality customer service is critical for success. Today, all employees are customer service representatives, and virtually everything you do affects the name and reputation of your organization. This course will teach you how to exceed your customers’ expectations. You will learn how to anticipate customer needs and make high-impact decisions that will keep your customers coming back for life.

Learning Objectives »

  • Develop customer focus
  • Evaluate behavior that helps and hinders service
  • Keep your customers first in mind
  • Create customer goodwill and loyalty
  • Apply communication and interaction strategies
  • Handle difficult customers professionally
  • Defuse anger and misunderstandings tactfully
  • Understand customer perceptions
  • Set yourself and your customers up for success
  • Apply strategies for developing lifetime customers

Course Agenda »

Customer Service Basics

  1. Understanding the Big Picture
  2. Customer Service Assessment
  3. Keeping the Customer First
  4. Customer Roles
  5. Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Communicating with Customers

  1. Communication Model
  2. Effective Listening
  3. Conveying Ideas with Confidence
  4. Using Appropriate Language
  5. Telephone Techniques
  6. Email Etiquette
  7. Persuasion Tactics

Customer Service Challenges

  1. Saying “No”
  2. Staying Within the Limits
  3. Problem Solving Techniques
  4. Handling Difficult Customers
  5. Defusing Anger
  6. Resolving Conflict
  7. Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

Advanced Customer Service

  1. Customer Expectations
  2. Customer Perception
  3. Internal Customer Service
  4. Developing Loyal Customers