Writing Effective Performance Reviews

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

In this course, we will teach you what components to include in an effective performance review and what skills to assess. You will learn how to word evaluations with winning and legally defensible language and how to learn from past reviews. You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls, and identify best practices to evaluate in a review

Learning Objectives »

  • Review strategies for performance reviews.
  • Compile and organize relevant data.
  • Develop measurable performance goals.
  • Explore scoring and weighting options.
  • Apply techniques for writing accurate, defensible, and
    motivational reviews.

Course Agenda »

Performance Review Strategy

  1. Why Write Performance Reviews?
  2. Evaluation Learning Outcomes
  3. Purpose of Performance Reviews
  4. Challenges with Performance Reviews
  5. The Review Process
  6. Performance Review Cycle
  7. Components of Effective Reviews
  8. Common Skills Assessed
  9. Scoring and Weighting Options
  10. Distribution of Ratings

Writing Effective Reviews

  1. Approach to Writing Effective Reviews
  2. Doing Your Research
  3. Monitor and Document Performance
  4. Avoiding Bias
  5. Performance Standards and Criteria
  6. Leveraging Past Reviews
  7. Contributions, Results and Impact
  8. Justifying Ratings
  9. Making It Measurable
  10. Individual Development Plan
  11. Performance Goals
  12. Self-Review
  13. Ways to Organize