Writing Resumes and Applying for Federal Jobs

Formats: 4-hour virtual course  |  1-day instructor-led onsite

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the tools to improve their chances for gaining federal employment by preparing results-oriented resumes and communicating skills that “sell” themselves when applying for Federal jobs.

Learning Objectives »

  • Write a strong federal resume.
  • Build confidence in articulating job accomplishments and reasons for hire.
  • Learn what is required to apply for federal jobs.
  • Practice writing OPM Standards and KSAs.

Course Agenda »

Staying Marketable and In Demand

  1. Creating Demand
  2. Staying Marketable
  3. Tracking Career Accomplishments
  4. Turning Frustrations into Motivators
  5. Using LinkedIn to Help You Find a Job

Applying for Federal Jobs

  1. Applying Through USAJOBS
  2. Qualification Standards
  3. Occupational Questionnaire
  4. Federal Resume Requirements
  5. Federal Resume Outline
  6. Tailoring a Resume to the Announcement
  7. Cover Letters
  8. KSAs
  9. Submitting the Application

Interviewing for Federal Jobs

  1. Types of Federal Job Interviews
  2. Preparing for a Federal Job Interview
  3. Interview Questions
  4. Interview Suggestions
  5. Interview Skill Practice
  6. OPM Qualification Standards
  7. Writing KSAs